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The word occult comes from Latin occult hidden. Referring to

The  'knowledge of the Secret' or 'knowledge of  the hidden' and

often meaning 'knowledge of the supernatural.


FT: For Accuracy. Any Religious [Doctrine] that is 

shrouded in mystery [1] fits the word occult.


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Trinity-Those Who Teach it know it is something that

Is a Mental-Imaginary-Concepts of God’s head-

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Exists Only In The Mind;

Illusion llusion+definition -delusion 


10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness

in them that perish because__

they received not the love of the truth that they 

might be saved 


11 And for this cause God shall send them strong 

delusion that they should believe a lie.


Adam and Eve believed Satan’s the Impled 

lying wonder-More plus-Lies and they grew old and died

n    2 Timothy 4:4 They will turn their ears away from the truth

n    and turn aside to myths.

And those that do will not make it the great tribulations GT.

2-Thess-2-9 lying wonders 2T/2-9 -10 




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Trinity with the Definitions of Occult,

Cult and Mysticism Fits the Trinity

































The word occult comes from Latin occult us (hidden) (FT), referring to the

'knowledge of the secret' or

'knowledge of the hidden' and often meaning 'knowledge of the supernatural

(FT),as opposed to 'knowledge of the visible'or 'knowledge of the

measurable', usually referred to as science.

The modern term's meaning is often imprecisely translated

and used as a term for  'secret knowledge' or 'hidden knowledge',

in the sense of meaning 'knowledge meant only for ***certain people' or ***

*****knowledge that must be kept hidden'. ******(FT),

Therefore in the context of this terms contemporary

meaning in western societies anything referred to with the term occult is often

regarded as superstitious.The ancient Greek term for occult is esoteric. ((FT),

Many people, especially Conservative Christians, use the term to refer to a

number of practices which they disapprove of on religious grounds but

 which those who participate in for the most part

do not consider occult. These include the role-playing game Dungeons &

Dragons, heavy metal music, and sometimes even Catholicism.

Compare -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occult   


Oneness/Trinity = Fits The True Meaning of  Occult


Imaginary DOCTRINES.  Incomprehensible






The word occult comes from Latin occult us Making Jesus 

something that He did not claim to be fits the word Occult.





























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Occult: The Detailed Definition Is

 Making Jesus 'knowledge of the secretMaking Jesus GOD fits the definition/Occult   One verse Occult 


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John 1:1* was God fits the definition/Occult

John-1-1-Is-A-One-Verse-Occult-Why-So and


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Mystery M1. John 1:1 plus. When Addresses all MysteryDOCTRINES

 it is noteworthy to point out we must understand

that we can not see the reality of them because they are not physical

 and do not Come from the Almighty God[6], but from The God/god

of deceptions, though his ministers. We can not see the Spirit beings

nor the Spirit world , but we are told about the Holy Scriptures

The Holy Bible.We can  mentally comprehend them when they

are Translated Right and Explained as the 

God Is Not A Mytery WHY.htm


Key words Are hidden Key words Are hidden,

Mystery and Shrouded in SEE Where


John 1:1 Open GODorgod

Jesus spoke openly and honestly

Without the need to hide anything

GOD or god-


Jehovah Or Yahweh


And Jesus are open and honest.


Jehovah GOD Does Not Cause Mysteries He Reveals Them

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Compare Luke 8:17 20htm

"For nothing is hidden that will not become evidentnor 

anything secret that will not be known and come to light


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The Real Heretics Identified

Those Who Teach (Oneness/Ttrinity) it know it is something that 

exists only in the mindillusi (FT)

For other uses of this term, see occult (disambiguation).

 sv:Esoterisk Esoteric knowledge is knowledge which is believed to

 be true but not generally known or widely accepted.  Historically,

esoteric knowledge is not generally known in large part because it

is deliberately kept secret  from those outside a select group.

Such knowledge was confined within certain disciplines, such as 

magic and freemasonry. This is not the case any more as most groups,

such as the Theosophical Society, teach freely to anyone,

often without cost.


Question    Deliberately kept secret---By Who and Why ?

No One Can Prove Oneness Or The Trinity

(Fact.htm-about-T/O) -They Try To Pick Verses out of the Bible to

Try to do so---and Then Deny Verses that Render Jesus to have a Real Life –

-<Open Life.htmTherefore it is Reasonable to believe that it was Originated –

To get you to Commit Idolatry Open OneTwoThreeEqualsOne..>


Those Who Teach it know it is something that exists only in the mind; illusion  (FT)

        Trinity with the Definitions of Occult, Cult and Myticism

        You make your own Judgment as to what makes Logical Sense to you

        FT ---SBT---Added for the Meaning Fits the Trinity


        oc[cult 7!             kult$9$kult#8      WEBSTER’S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY

5occultus, concealed, pp. of occulere, to cover over < ob- (see OB-) + celare, to hide (see HALL)6

1   hidden; concealed (FT)

2   secret; esoteric (FT)

3   beyond human understanding; mysterious (FT)

4   designating or of certain arts, studies, or practices, as magic, alchemy, or astrology,

involving mysterious powers that some people believe can affect the way things happen

vt., vi.

1   to hide or become hidden from view  (FT)

2   Astron. to hide by occultation

     the occult the occult arts or studies




Those Who Teach it know it is something that exists only in the mind; illusion  (FT)


         Group-based persuasion techniques (sometimes called the discredited theory of "brainwashing", (FT)

"        love bombing" or the controversial concept of "mind control") (FT)

       Open http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Cult and

            http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Cult_%28disambiguation%29  For Full Arctile


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