Myths.htm Myths And See Myths And Mythology.htm  Do Not Belong In True Religion—

If YOU believe a lie wittingly or unwittingly then teach that lie to others that

Makes YOU a liar. Satan wants YOU to lie and die eternally-Rev 21:8 

For the Biggest Ones of Them All Are-Non-Biblical Words and Phrases –

That Try to Control People with Them Here are Some 

Spoken of BY Oneness and Tri-Phantom God --So Called Theologians--- 

God the Son,


God begat God ,

God of God

Light of Light

Jesus is God,

Jesus one substance with the Father

The Holy Spirit is God in the 3rd  Person--Jesus eternally existed as one with the Father,

Not make or Created out of any act of will by the Father,

The Son is equal or co-equal to the Father,

God came in the flesh,.

God sacrificed himself to himself.

God is three in one, God is two in One. 

One and One is One

Three in one is One. One and One and Onne equals One.

None of these Words or Phases exists in God’s

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Plus-Dust To Dust1 caused by The First Implied Lie          

The First Implied Lie is as follows--

The R65 Serpent (Rev 12:9) said to the woman,

"You surely will not die! Gen 3:4 Red Hot Lie.

Satan Implied that His LORD 

God Had Lied to Eve-then Eve applied the lie to Adam.

Then Satan said in verse- 5- 

3:5 Full Write up With References R/in 




If You Believe a Lie You will Positively Die—

as did Adam and Eve—Gen 3-3-4;19

 How many Theocratical Lies DOES one have to believe to lose out on everlasting life?

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 SO HELP US ALL  Y.eH.oW.aH in English Jehovah 

 Sbt – Is The--TETRAGRAMMATON.htm Testifier is God’s Name 010.



The Expression that God acts in mysterious ways Is the biggest Lie Since 

Satan Told Eve the First Implied Lie How So?

Open God Is Not A Mytery WHY.htm

Eph 1:9  He made known to us the mystery of His will, 

according to His kind intention which He purposed in Him



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