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These Verses or words have changed to fit Homoousion Biblical Theology. Read about other Mysterious Doctrines R/in DOCTRINEBuster1.htm --  Now That We Are In The Communications Age We Can ***Examine ***Everything Ourselves   Rev-22-16-21.htm.

The SAD TRUTH is since the death of the Apostles several words in the original hand written manuscripts have been changed

SBT The Expository Library Explained R/in 20.htm 

Open- Hell--No One Goes to Hell--Hell is really Hades Translated Wrong. The real hell is a Myth--a mythical place made up by the Greeks. God told Adam and Eve YOU will return to the dirt which you came from. Jesus said the good and the bad will be resurrected. The SAD TRUTH is since the death of the Apostles several words in the original hand written manuscripts have been changed. All the Best Bible Translations of Today R/in The-Best Bibles have restored the original hand written manuscripts word Hades. Verses in Commentary—R/IN http://topicalbible.org/h/hell.htm More of the fabricated HELL” R/in DustToDust1.htm

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Why do we have all these different?

Sizes of LORD Lord-lord GOD

God -god instead of Personal Names?


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The eternal can mean two things



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  Coming or Presence-Parousia.htm


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106 Roman Catholic Church or Acts 15:4

The word church should be congregation Research -- http://search.aol.com/aol/search?s_it=searchbox.webhome&v_t=client97_searchbox&q=The+word+church+should+be+congregation





 Doctrine Strong N0s Is Teaching Strong's Greek 1322 -- Strong'sHebrew:3948---New Accurate Best Bibles Render Teaching, learning

Not Doctrine Englishman’s Concordance    Strong's Greek 1322  30 Occurrences  διδαχαῖς — 1 Occ. διδαχῇ — 16 Occ. διδαχὴν — 7 Occ. διδαχῆς — 6 Occ.


Which One Is Not Real-- SatanOrJesus.htm- Study The ImitateRule.htm

Rev 22:18-22:19-Is Meant for The Entire Bible, Don’t add or take Anything from GOD’s

Word or GOD will take away YOUR part from the tree of life. References in For Many Commentaries


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IFCS-Stands For Introduction For Concerned Students-This Is The No.1-SBT Page Read-Which has a small list of words that has crept into most Bibles that were not in the original manuscript writings. See 1 thru 8 and 9 is growing. List is growing as new stuff comes in. See how these Verses have changed R/in John-3-16-Plus.htm - 1Tim316.htm- Heb1-3.htm --Prov 8-22.htm.-The Three Worst Mistakes In All BiblesAre.htm

Check the Bibles you read to see if words have been changed by reading this page and comparing what Bibles YOU read. 

These words are the Main cause for supporting Bad Ecclesiastical Doctrines. Read on for better details-of-Ecclesiastical law.-Canon law Decretal.-Compare. When Bible Translators and Publishers change original words in the Holy Verses –that is like saying to God –Your words are inaccurate and we must change them in your name. Who really thinks God needs to be corrected? That is the student’s job to make that choice. Below are some options****Plus More***

 Hell was not an original manuscript word but a Fabrication , a Open Myth

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