The Facts That Matter--Eph1-8 and 9.

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 God's Correct Name--Yehovah For Hebrew Jehovah For English. Jesus' ID 

HallowBeThyNAME. Most Christians Hear This And Don't Know The Meaning.

God Is What Ever He Desires-His Name Means-He Causes To Become. What Is a god.


Open And Learn What SBT Does Why it is so hard for Bible Publishes to get a fully accuate Bible Open Foot-Notes1 and Open 4.SBTs Work Is Not In Vain. Read Commentary 1Cor15-58 The PreExistenceOfChrist Jehovah God’s First born Creation. The Only Begotten Son Of God Plus The Other SONS OF GOD  

70-John-1-1-Truths.   Luke 2:12 Open  13,14  and Jesus' Real Birth Day Story.

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